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Portable Gas Detectors

Bascom-Turner Gas Detectors are compact, portable units designed to be Intrinsically Safe. All models feature a built-in pump, a fast, sensitive mode for leak detection, digital displays, and visual and audible alarms. Bascom-Turner gas detectors can be automatically calibrated on a stand-alone basis or at network-based docking stations.


The Most Advanced Detector on the Market
The Gas-Rover™ is a catalytic combustion-based instrument with the requisite sensitivity and speed to replace FID instruments in leak surveys on foot or by vehicle. The Gas Rover also serves as a CGI (Combustible Gas Indicator), including bar-holing, and when equipped with appropriate optional sensors, can monitor CO, H2S and O2.

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Easy To Use, State-of-the-Art
The Gas-Explorer™ is a state-of-the-art gas detector using advanced sensor technology coupled with innovative software to make it the most reliable, easy to use CGI on the market today. It detects natural gas concentrations down to 20 ppm and can locate the toughest leaks quickly. Its two-speed pump is automatically set to optimize the job at hand.

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Accurate, Rugged and "Smart"
The Gas-Ranger™ is a robust natural gas detector commonly used by construction and maintenance crews. Its high-speed pump can yield peak and sustained readings during bar-holing in a few seconds.

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